Simpleview recently launched the newest version of the Insights Hub, which includes  Tourism and Marketing sector insights and key data points so you can adapt to the changing trends in the industry. This tool will allow you to benchmark your own growth in comparison to the industry’s with aggregated data derived from DMO-specific web traffic.  

The Insights Hub was born out of the need to visualize the rapidly changing industry environment in the midst of a global pandemic, providing an analytical perspective of the effects of COVID-19. Simpleview’s Director of Analytics Paul McLeod notes that this type of digital marketing tool would have been “needed and wanted even without the pandemic.” McLeod said in regards to the demand for a platform like Insights Hub, “This type of overall DMO website traffic and booking trend data is not found anywhere else.”

The new Insights Hub is updated with a weekly/monthly snapshot and features a dashboard that gives DMOs the ability to compare their traffic with those of the industry as a whole — essentially a DMO benchmarking tool.

The following aggregate data from 300+ DMOs is now available: 

  • Overall website traffic
  • Organic website traffic
  • Paid website traffic 

Another useful characteristic of the Insights Hub is the lodging searches and referrals. This component gathers data from Book › Direct and aggregates how many times visitors are doing a hotel search and being referred to booking sites, signaling their intent to travel and book.

Insights Hub will provide these high-level DMO booking trends:

  • Lodging Searches
  • Lodging Referrals
  • Booking Window
  • Length of Stay 

It’s All About the Trends

“It gives DMOs overall context on the trends in reach and growth in order to evaluate their performance and set goals for their future.”

— Paul McLeod, Director of Analytics, Simpleview

For DMOs, their agencies, and their stakeholders, it's all about the trends and what they prove about the success of the destination. The Insights Hub gives DMOs meaningful data and comparisons to share with their stakeholders and advocate for their organization.

From McLeod’s perspective, the future of the Insights Hub means continuous updates with analysis every couple of weeks so that DMOs can check back for updated information. Simpleview also offers clients a free advanced version of the Insights Hub, called the Advanced DMO Benchmarking Tool, which provides an in-depth review of personalized data.