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Upscale your destination’s digital footprint

The modern destination brand can be defined as the sum total of shared stories, images, and experiences about your destination across all channels by you, your partners, and visitors. Improving the presence and credibility of assets across multiple channels is a win-win that drives business and enhances the destination brand.

Downtown Guelph Case Study

Learn how Downtown Guelph helped its members step up their digital with the Digital Influence Report.

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Make an impact

Improve your distributed online brand

The Digital Influence Report provides a framework that enables destination organizations to make a broad impact on destination branding while providing valuable tools and resources to help their partners represent themselves well online and interact with their customers.

Measurable improvements

Turn insights into action

The Digital Influence Report is a standalone report and is also the engine that drives the Digital Excellence Program, which provides 1:1 online coaching and assistance that creates tailored plans for measurable improvements.

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The program is quite literally a revelation — it shines a light on the work that so many of us are doing and shows us how to do it better. With DIR, businesses can tweak, focus, and reposition their digital output to improve results significantly. No more “dancing in the dark” and
hoping for the best. It helps us work smarter by constructing a plan based on the particular goals of individual businesses. Put me down as impressed.”

Marty Williams, Executive Director Downtown Guelph Business Association

Give Your Destination the Professional Online Presence it Deserves

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