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Become your destination’s lodging authority

Drive revenue for partners & create a preferred booking experience for users

Provide partners with a revenue-friendly solution that lets them keep 100% of booking earnings. Unlike most major online travel agencies, our Book › Direct referral engine doesn’t take any commission. Visitors can book with brands they trust using loyalty programs they value at a higher profit margin for your partners — a true win-win. Proven to enhance overall engagement and drive increased referrals to partners.

  • No commissions or fees
  • Live rate and availability
  • Simpleview Data Engine reporting
  • No inventory management
  • Track visitor sentiment & booking behavior

Experience Columbia SC Case Study

Learn how Experience Columbia SC increased time on site by 10 minutes, property listing engagement by 50 percent and more with Book › Direct.

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Seamlessly Integrated

Make booking a breeze for visitors

Book › Direct keeps users on the DMO website while they research lodging options and connects them directly to the property for booking. The booking widget seamlessly integrates with your DMO’s website design, ensuring a great user experience. Thanks to Book › Direct’s integration with Simpleview's tech stack and leading internet booking engines, visitors always have access to accurate rate and availability information.

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We made the switch to Book › Direct because we wanted to create a better user experience and also wanted to provide more direct leads to our hotel partners. We have been very pleased with our results for both so far. The average time on page for both our hotels and preferred hotels pages has increased year over year, showing that users are having a more enjoyable and worthwhile experience with our booking widget. We have also seen a significant increase in bookings and referrals. This simple switch has made an impact on the number of visitors making the decision to book in Columbia – a major win!”

Kelsey Carmichael, Experience Columbia SC, headshot — Kelsey Carmichael, Experience Columbia SC

Data-backed reporting

Access real-time engagement data

Track visitor sentiment and booking behavior metrics for actionable insights that drive partner success and boost bookings. Access real-time engagement and performance data through Simpleview Data Engine reporting — support lodging partners and stakeholders through increased content engagement and help justify annual membership costs.

Data Engine

Our business intelligence suite and data warehouse bring all your data into one highly reliable, accessible, and understandable platform for DMOs.

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Rev up your referral rate.

Join the hundreds of DMOs that rely on Book › Direct to showcase relevant and curated list of lodging, rates, and availability so visitors can book directly with brands they trust.

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