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Simplify the search for finding the right meetings and events

The MINT+ query builder saves you time by identifying prospecting opportunities based on specific criteria about types of organizations, size of meeting, and other key factors. Plus, by setting up notifications for saved queries, you’ll receive timely alerts that help you stay on top of new prospects and capitalize on them quickly. Join the 150+ DMOs making the most of MINT+.

  • Automated reporting
  • CRM integration
  • Query builder
  • Recommended meetings
  • Event scoring profile
  • Industry standardization 

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Read more about how MINT+ can be a valuable business development and relationship management resource for your sales professionals.

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With data on 169,000 organizations and 75,000+ meeting profiles from over 150 destinations, you’ll be able to study your top comp set, efficiently evaluate and qualify potential business, and set up your hotel partners for success by providing them with timely and accurate insights. Increasing your account knowledge prior to customer outreach makes for a better response and creates a more professional touchpoint.

Customized suggestions

Expand your market through pattern matching & personalized recommendations

MINT+ streamlines the search process and helps you discover desirable meeting opportunities quickly and easily based on your DMO's past bookings and preferences. The more feedback and data you provide, the more accurate and beneficial the recommendations become, further enhancing the value of MINT+ to your organization.

We use MINT+ heavily to strategize our deployment and more recently, to determine how many accounts of certain sizes there are by region that meet in the West. I tell all of our new salespeople during training that MINT+ is our number one prospecting tool."

Allison Chappell, director of research and analytics, Visit Salt Lake Allison Chappell, director of research and analytics, Visit Salt Lake

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