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With user-friendly email templates and an automated journey builder, you can create journeys, personalize messages, and remarket effectively. Whether it’s leisure travelers, member/partners, or meeting planners, you’ll grow your lists and improve metrics because Act-On’s powerful platform enables you to engage in a more targeted and effective way.

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Act-On’s expansive tool suite helps DMOs coordinate marketing initiatives. Control every aspect of your email campaigns, from setting send times to A/B testing. Optimize and engage your workflow with drag-and-drop tools to set up drip and nurture campaigns that automatically run at the right cadence and frequency.

  • Landing pages & forms
  • Email composer
  • Lead scoring
  • Analytics & reports
  • Web visitor tracking
  • Act-On Anywhere

Traverse City Case Study

Let numbers do the talkin’: how Traverse City Tourism increased email open rates by 583%

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Act-On Simpleguide

Find out everything you need to know about the power of marketing automation with Act-On by downloading our Simpleguide.

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I would recommend Marketing Automation Managed Services to other destination organizations — it’s a great service for digital marketers juggling a lot of projects.”

Coryn Briggs headshot Corynn Briggs, Traverse City Tourism

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Act-On’s integration with Simpleview CRM centralizes all contact information, histories, and leads for a comprehensive understanding of your audience. Need extra support? Our managed services team can handle your marketing automation and email initiatives using industry best practices, freeing up your team’s time and resources for other important tasks.

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