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A recent study by Google and the Boston Consulting Group identified several capabilities key to top performance — delivering on consumers’ expectations for brands and data-driven marketing maturity. We’ve taken it one step further by blending their capabilities with our 20+ years of industry expertise to create the only digital maturity model built to meet the needs of destination marketers.

Data-driven decision making

A clear and actionable roadmap

The Simpleview Digital Maturity Model is a structured framework that helps DMOs enhance their digital capabilities, systematically identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to advance their digital marketing efforts.

Digital Maturity Levels

Competitive advantage

Increased digital maturity can give DMOs a competitive advantage in the tourism industry. Engage more effectively with potential visitors, deliver more personalized experiences, and stay ahead of competitors lagging in their digital transformation journey.

Elevated traveler experience

Leverage your digital maturity report to improve your digital presence and overall marketing efforts while delivering a more seamless and engaging experience for potential visitors. Personalized content, immersive experiences, and responsive customer support contribute to attracting more tourists and fostering positive brand associations.

Agility and Adaptability

Best-in-class marketers embrace continuous improvement and innovation to remain relevant and successful in our dynamic industry. Progressing through your digital transformation journey inspires a digital-first mindset necessary to adapt to changing marketing conditions and emerging technologies.

The assessment will take you and your team approximately 30 minutes to complete. The model benchmarks what stage your DMO is at on the digital maturity scale so you can identify ways to increase your DMO’s digital maturity and work with your team to maximize marketing technology and digital marketing investments.

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