2Synergize, LLC a Simpleview consulting company, specializes in the destination management organization (DMO) industry and is laser focused on helping destinations gain a competitive edge in the meetings and events market. We understand the complexities of your roles and responsibilities and the importance of optimizing the relationship with your meeting planners, hoteliers, convention center partners and the multitude of other stakeholders.

It is our goal to combine over 10 decades of hotel, DMO, and meeting industry experience with the expertise of your team and help them excel in customer research, sales strategy consulting and sales intel and data services. Explore each of our customized services below.

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Consulting Services

Customer Research

• Buyers Insights –This qualitative research involves interviewing recent buyers, including lost business to uncover themes and develop personalized approaches to fuel sales and marketing activities based on the examination of their buyer’s journey to select a destination for their meeting.

• Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Facilitation - We help plan and facilitate CABs to provide valuable insights for DMOs. Our interactive sessions foster collaboration and ensure strategic alignment through meaningful discussions and gathering crucial feedback for your destination’s success.

Sales Strategy Consulting

• Site Experience – We provide consultation and the resources to support transitioning your destination to newly enhanced site responsibilities and processes, to highly personalize and differentiate the destination, and increase conversion with every site experience.

• Citywide Sales Strategy – Overcome the challenge of uniting citywide sales strategy where headquarter hotels, your convention center, and other key stakeholders in the citywide ecosystem are on the same page, giving your destination a competitive advantage when advocating for the customer. This engagement is about gaining alignment around business value, success metrics, account management, and communications.

Sales Intel & Data Services

• Destination Attractiveness Comparative Cities (DACC) – Examine the known variables that attract or repel conventions and attendees to a destination to understand where your destination ranks against national aggregates and custom competitive sets.

• Destination Attractiveness Mathematical Market Metrics (DAMMM) - Produce a quantitatively and empirically based estimation of the DMO’s ‘fair share’ of convention room nights the DMO should confirm for a given year based on 20+ attractors and variables.

Speaking Engagements

We offer a wide array of topics to discuss, ranging from current trends in meetings and events to effective sales strategies and leveraging data for enhanced stakeholder engagement. Our speaking engagements are curated to align with your specific needs and the interests of your audience.

Our Products


FuturePace delivers enhanced pace reporting for DMOs, helping sales leaders and business analysts make more informed decisions based on accurate forecasting data. Created in partnership with George Fenich, father of the TAP report, FuturePace was designed with improved data processing for greater accuracy in the calculation of pace targets.


A joint venture between Simpleview and Destinations International, the Meetings Information Network (MINT+) database is the DMO industry’s exclusive data cooperative and a shared repository of information on organizations and their meetings and events. With over 150 partner clients, MINT+ helps destinations increase their account knowledge and prospect intelligently by using historical data and information on future bookings for meetings.

Simpleview Sales Quarterly

The SSQ is the most comprehensive review of the DMO industry’s sales performance. Each report examines aggregated data collected from over 200 DMOs to provide destination organizations with the information needed to support their sales strategies and stakeholder communications.

Our community realized that we needed a fresh perspective on what our business model should look like in the future. The 2Synergize team was the vehicle that helped bring our community together; they created an inclusive environment for all stakeholders to have a voice and helped us build a strategy to create a clearer path to achieve our goals in the future.

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Find the right meetings for your destination with MINT+.

Harness the power of MINT+ to increase your account knowledge, help you expand your market with personalized recommendations, and make you a more valuable resource for hotel partners.

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