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Simpleview integrates not only with our tech stack of products and services, but also with partners and other programs. A list of most integrations is below, add them to your website to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your users. 

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing our CMS is that it seamlessly integrates with the Simpleview CRM, providing unmatched efficiencies and features for you and your partners.  Some of the integrations include:

  • RFP Builder Meeting Sales
  • Bid Book via Sendsites
  • Event Registration Module via Eventsforce
  • Venue Ops/Event Booking CRM Integration
  • Member/Partner Extranet Skinning
  • Partner Twitter Mentions & Retweet Tracking
  • Convention Calendar
  • Discover more CRM integrations



Every user that visits your websites deserves equitable access to your digital content. Web accessibility standards ensure content can be easily accessed by all users. We believe that is important, too. That is why Simpleview, the industry leader in DMO technologies, has partnered with AudioEye, a leader in automated web accessibility and remediation. This partnership will help you align your website with the latest compliance standards. AudioEye delivers the most comprehensive suite of accessibility tests and fixes, drawing from the largest pool of accessibility test data and informed by real assistive technology users with disabilities.


Bandwango’s signature technology allows DMOs and their communities to organize restaurants, tours, attractions and more into free and paid experiences which can be accessed directly on a DMO’s website. Your DMO website admin team can easily drop the CMS Bandwango Widget on desired pages. This widget will show listings participating in the Bandwango Pass. Front-end users to your website will be able to identify Bandwango Pass Participants via a unique icon. Front-end users will be able to sort listing index pages by those participating in the Bandwango Pass.


Simpleview will implement Social Content Curation for your organization. Feature set includes Content Discovery, Moderation, Curation and Rights. Simpleview’s Managed UGC Curation turns your platform into a DMO’s complete social aggregation tool to help populate content on your social media platforms, website, within listings, emails and/or social ads.


DTN digital marketing solutions build exposure for your partners through paid advertising on the DMO site as well as by providing website improvement solutions for partners in your area with little or no web presence. Create value for partners by expanding their reach to millions of potential visitors online. DTN advertisers frequently report that the DMO’s website becomes their #1 referring site due to the advertising opportunities. Receive credit for the value that DTN will provide to your partners, as an extension of your team.

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Fully integrated with the Simpleview CRM, Simpleview partnered with Act-On to provide clients with not only a robust, leading edge email marketing platform, but a full-suite of marketing automation features. These features can help your team enhance customer experiences, increase engagement, collect in-depth information to analyze target audience behaviors, save time through automation, and deliver truly exceptional buyer journeys that nurture long-lasting customer relationships.

Google Maps

Google released its Google Maps API which is a chunk of code that acts as a bridge to their maps data and functionality. Using that API, our developers link your data — things like the physical addresses of your members — to the Google Maps database and service. Our programming brings the look, function and data of Google Maps right into your website, fetching info as needed without your site ever having to store the data or Google Maps code.


Simpleview will integrate OpenTable’s booking & reservation links on your website. Your OpenTable affiliate account will be credited with a reservation when your visitors follow a link and show up for their reservation.

Threshold 360

Simpleview has partnered with Threshold 360 -- a leading virtual tour platform provider that makes it simple to capture & deliver highly-impactful partner location tours. The Threshold dashboard enables customers to view, customize, and deliver virtual tours across all sales marketing channels - as well as directly measure and report the impact using analytics. The Simpleview + Threshold 360 partnership allows for Threshold 360’s virtual tours to be seamlessly integrated with the Simpleview CMS, CRM and your front-end website. This immersive data will greatly increase the value you provide to your members / partners.

Ticketed Event Feed

Populate the calendar on your website with the hottest events happening in your destination. Event inventory is provided by premium ticketing platforms — meaning details come directly from the venues and box offices that are managing the events. Ensure your visitors don’t miss their chance to see a show.

Satisfi Labs

Simpleview will initialize, set up and share your CRM and CMS content and data with Satisfi Labs via an API in order to provide Satisfi’s chatbot with your destination’s best available content. This will allow the users of the chatbot to have the best possible experience. Furthermore, the API will be constantly up to date with all the content you create or adjust in your CRM and CMS.


Simpleview has partnered with SkyNav to offer you an amazing way to showcase your destination. SKYNAV is an immersive, mixed-reality marketing platform & software for the travel & leisure industry. We integrate Web3 elements to create a truly mesmerizing self-guided virtual experience that excites visitors & planners with that ‘first-time’ thrill of discovering new places. Rich, vivid HD aerial & ground panoramic imagery results in 3D interactive experiences that create instant affinity leading to greater leads and bookings. Users will love your immersive platform, they will engage longer and forge deeper connections to your destination long before ever setting foot there.


The Viator integration brings the power of Viator’s inventory to your website listings. Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) can now leverage a one-stop shop for experiences with Viator to build their tourism brand, increase engagement online, drive bookings to your partners, and help visitors discover a destination’s hidden gems.

Weather Feed

Visually display the weather conditions of your destination on your website with the Weather Display Widget! The Weather Display Widget obtains your destination’s current weather conditions from a third-party feed. It then displays a visual representation in your website’s header with a series of icons. The Weather Display Widget can dynamically update between multiple icons to visually communicate the weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, rain, snow, etc.). It is also able to display the current temperature in numerical format. It may be possible to display multi-day weather information in a dropdown, but it is contingent on your site’s design and capabilities.


The Yelp Integration allows you to display Yelp ratings and reviews for your Member/Partner Listings right on your website. Yelp is one of the largest providers of user reviews and recommendations for dining, activities and services. This makes their data relevant and meaningful to your website audience. The Yelp Integration lets you display helpful information and reviews from Yelp on your website listings.

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