Innovators & Influencers — a destination marketing organization (DMO) or convention and visitors bureau (CVB) deserving of a spotlight and applause. This special edition of Innovators & Influencers features Fredericksburg Convention & Visitor Bureau and its Love FBGTX campaign.

We all know that love is in the air during the month of February — but DMOs and CVBs are challenged with keeping the head-over-heels feelings flowing towards their destination throughout the rest of the year. 

One might say Fredericksburg CVB is lucky to have locals with nothing but heart eyes for the destination — but luck had nothing to do with it. 

Wanting to establish a sense of place, destination pride, and community stewardship, the team launched the Love FBGTX campaign in February 2022. Their goal of creating a reputation for the destination as a great place to live and visit was embraced wholeheartedly (pun intended!)

Video by Jeremy Kasik, videographer.

The Love FBGTX campaign speaks to the heart of how locals and visitors alike can take simple steps to address the strain that the influx of short-term visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic had on the destination — like extra noise, trash, and traffic. 

McKenzie Moellering

It’s just a great reminder to be a good person … [to] make sure that we get to continue to enjoy Fredericksburg and love Fredericksburg as much as we do.” 

McKenzie Moellering, Communications Manager, Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau

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