Before coming to Simpleview, I worked at industrial companies that used general-purpose customer relationship management (CRM) software. I’ve managed the implementation and system administration of the system and have first-hand experience with the joys of migrating from Microsoft Excel or one CRM system to another. It was not an easy task and things were never perfect at the time of launch; it was a constant process of training, updates, modifications, and documenting processes.

I would have loved working with a fit-for-purpose system like Simpleview CRM

General vs Fit-For-Purpose System  

Think of a general-purpose system as a warehouse that is going to become your store. You need to determine the layout of the store, select the number and configurations of the shelves, identify merchandise to carry, and determine where it will be stored. Although there are some basic configurations available, you have to explain to the contractor building your store how you want things set up and hope that nothing gets lost in translation.  

In a fit-for-purpose system, the store layout, shelving, and merchandise have already been designed by people who have worked with stores that have similar, if not the same, goals. You don’t need a contractor as a go-between — all that work has already been done for you. 

To get some real-world destination marketing organization (DMO) insights, I spoke with team members from Visit Orlando about their experience as returning customers of Simpleview CRM. They included:

  • Sumeet Rajput, Senior Director of IT
  • Gabby Wion, Business Applications Solutions Specialist
  • Gabe Itajahy, Project Manager

Visit Orlando manages a destination that is one of the top meeting and tourism locations in the world, so they have certain necessities when it comes to software. Although the team at Visit Orlando stopped using Simpleview CRM some time ago, it has since resumed services after trying a genera-purpose system that, although having some benefits, did not confidently meet the needs of the DMO.

Gabby Wion, Business Applications Solutions Specialist, Visit Orlando

“With a one-size-fits-all system, we were able to do whatever we wanted with the system. We have this same mindset with Simpleview CRM.

Gabby Wion, Business Applications Solutions Specialist, Visit Orlando

Most general-purpose CRM systems require the use of a consultant/vendor for implementation, which adds expense and time to the overall project. “Although the vendor knew the system inside and out, we needed to teach them about our business,” said Itajahy. He continues,“... because Simpleview CRM is a fit-for-purpose system, it was built with a DMO mindset and an understanding of DMO business processes.” 

Simpleview experts are industry leaders when it comes to experience with both CRM systems and the travel industry. This deep understanding paired with the utilization of a flexible, proven process helps to streamline implementation. The team works closely with the client to make sure processes are aligned and the technology is working seamlessly. Although Simpleview CRM has workflows inherent to the system that run smoothly for most teams, modifications can be made to ensure the best possible user experience.

According to Rajput, many of the Visit Orlando teams took to Simpleview CRM naturally, like the sales team, and others needed customization and optimizations to keep their robust processes in place, which the system accommodates.

Gabe Itajahy, Project Manager, Visit Orlando

“Because Simpleview CRM is a fit-for-purpose system, it was built with a DMO mindset and an understanding of DMO business processes.

Gabe Itajahy, Project Manager, Visit Orlando

Often times with general-purpose systems, training comes from consultants, not company experts. Itajahy shared that customer service and the ability to speak to someone directly are extremely important to Visit Orlando — both of which align with Simpleview’s training resources. 

Simpleview offers various tiers and types of training for clients. In the case of Visit Orlando, the team opted for in-person training from a Simpleview expert along with Simpleview Brainery — a self-paced client learning and certification hub with the option to receive product certification. 

Other tools available include Simpleview Knowledgebase, a free resource that offers articles, webinars, and videos on just about every topic, and SimpleConnect, an online user forum to ask questions and seek advice from peers. 

The resource Visit Orlando values most is the ability to contact its Simpleview representative, especially during implementation and onboarding, which is available to all clients regardless of size. 

The Visit Orlando team also takes advantage of our industry-leading conference, Simpleview Summit — which offers over 50 sessions built around varying industry roles, including Simpleview product demos, DMO case studies, digital marketing trends, meeting and event sales best practices, and community engagement discussions. It is also an opportunity to meet and network with industry peers.

Post-Sales Service

Post-sales service was a big shift for the Visit Orlando team. With their previous general CRM, they had a developer and multiple administrators on their staff to help with customizations. Visit Orlando now relies on the Simpleview CRM support team to make updates and modifications, which was a major process change. “We are working on a communication improvement plan to get aligned on our needs and expectations so that we understand the value we are getting from the Simpleview CRM system,” said Rajput. 

Adding value to an organization is critical to the client’s success — and sometimes that value comes in the form of helping clients get answers quickly. Whether it’s understanding how to use a feature, training a new hire, or customizing a field to align with your process, Simpleview provides tools ranging from self-help aids to the ability to contact your support team directly. In 2023, our average response time was 45 minutes for tier-one issues and two hours and 39 minutes for tier-two — with an average customer satisfaction score of 4.9 out of five.

The Simpleview Difference

Why is Simpleview different from everyone else in the industry, fit-for-purpose or not?  

  • Products: we have battle-tested, integrated solutions that help you be more efficient and get the most out of your systems and teams.
  • People: your Simpleview team is made up of industry experts, former customers, tourism professionals, and everyone in between.
  • Commitment: we invest more time, energy, and resources into the industry than almost any other supplier. We love this industry and feel that if you succeed, we will succeed.  
  • Execution: your goals are our goals. We ensure you get a high return on investment from your Simpleview solutions using a proven methodology. After the sale, we conduct business reviews to ensure we understand your goals and work with you to develop plans to exceed them.

Give your destination the fit-for-purpose CRM it deserves. It’s time to streamline processes, consolidate information, and have tools to help your team be more efficient.

Join the 550+ destinations that choose Simpleview CRM to manage partner relationships, group sales, organize workflows, promote leisure travel — and so much more.

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