In this ever-changing world, it can be challenging for local businesses to maintain their online presence and put their best foot forward. Incorrect or outdated information can mislead locals and visitors, leaving a negative impression on individual businesses and the overall destination experience.  

Simpleview understands the importance of presenting businesses and destinations in the best possible light online. That’s why we offer the Digital Influence Report (DIR) to destination marketing organizations (DMOs). Through our work, we have identified common struggles faced by DMOs and businesses and uncovered key best practices. 

The Simpleview Digital Influence Report


Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Destination’s Online Presence
  1. Google listings: confirm that your Google listing is accurate, the hours are correct, and all links work. Email your partners or communicate with them via your CMS Extranet, asking your stakeholders to do the same and also to check that there are no 404s.
  2. Consistent business hours: Email your partners or communicate with them via your CMS Extranet, asking your stakeholders to reconfirm their business hours. Ask them to check their social media listing for consistency for all digital platforms.
  3. Hashtags: create and share a master list of hashtags you use for your DMO, including any category hashtags. Encourage your partners to include them in all social media posts.
  4. COVID-19 restrictions: remove or hide COVID-19 update pages unless they are still relevant in your area. Email your partners or communicate via your CRM Extranet, asking your stakeholders to do the same.
  5. “Best Of” listings: review your website content involving your destination’s “Best-of” lists — such as restaurants, hotels, and attractions, to make sure the top 10 are accurate. 

Want to see DIR in action? Read this case study about Downtown Guelph to learn how it improved its digital footprint.

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