Craft brew trails? Never heard of them. Mural tours? What are those?

Just kidding, exploring craft breweries and appreciating local murals have become popular activities for travelers, and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) have done an excellent job creating trails and tours that highlight their destination’s prized local breweries and murals. 

So maybe it’s time to think beyond the brew trail …

Since it’s evident that travelers appreciate guided itineraries around specific themes, we wanted to share some lesser-known but intriguing niche themes to inspire your DMO to delve into what’s unique and special about your destination. Once inspired, consider creating your trails with Simpleview’s new experience partner, Bandwango. 

Here are seven of our favorites: 

Listicle 1 - Update But First, Coffee with the Experience Columbus Coffee Trail

Sure, chain coffee shops have their place, but give us a curated coffee trail any day so we can explore the local coffee culture. Experience Columbus does just this with its coffee trail — and offers prizes for visiting, too, which is a great way to get people to stop in at the visitor center.

Listicle 2 - Update Swing on by Puerto Rico’s Popular Benches & Swings

“Don’t miss the best photo opportunities on the island,” advises Discover Puerto Rico as it lists locations of swings and benches that have been perfectly placed and set explicitly for great photos. Some are in the mountains, others at the beach — and then there’s the Columpio de los Suspiros, the “swing of sighs,” which sits 1,000 feet above sea level.

Listicle 3 - Update An Epicurean Getaway: Wisconsin Cheese Tour

Wisconsin is renowned for its cheese, and rightly so. With over 60 artisan cheesemakers producing over 600 types of cheese, it’s fitting that Travel Wisconsin has created two itineraries featuring the best sights, stops, and tastes for a Wisconsin Cheese Tour. 

@andrewgibbs312 A quick trip up to the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha Wisconsin. Full video and more on our YouTube channel! @marscheesecastle @wisconsincheese @wisconsincheeseplease #marscheesecastle #marscheese #wisconsin #cheese #travel #roadtrip #lesserknownadventures ♬ original sound - Andrew Gibbs

Listicle 4 - Update Quilt Gardens Along Elkhart County’s Heritage Trail

What do you get when you pack 150,000 plants with over a million blooms into giant gardens planted in the shape of quilt patterns and super-sized hand-painted murals in six communities spread throughout a 90-mile route? You get an experience so unique that it’s designated a “top 100 event” and a “best of the best” by the American Bus Association. 

Last year, the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau honored ten organizations that have been part of the annual quilt gardens throughout the attraction’s 15-year history. And while the gardens are a highlight, the Heritage Trail audio driving tour narrates visitors as they drive along what’s been designated as one of America’s most scenic drives.

5 Saddle Up for a Spicy Adventure: Eau Claire’s Horseradish Trail

When you’re the “horseradish capital of the world,” you’ve got to celebrate that fact! Visit Eau Claire has several mobile passports, but the Horseradish Hop spotlights the spicy uniqueness of the destination. At the 2010 Napa Valley Mustard Festival's Worldwide Mustard Competition, Eau Claire's own Silver Spring Foods walked away with top honors — why wouldn’t travelers want a taste?

6 Cobb Travel and Tourism “Bubbles & Brews”

Bubbles & Brews is a month-long celebration of Atlanta, Georgia’s craft beverage makers. Craft beverage enthusiasts can travel around the county during March and sample unique beverages. ‘BrewPass’ passports will guide visitors to each location where they can collect stamps to earn special prizes.

7 Love Bridges? Visit Bucks County Has Got You Covered

Visit Bucks County offers a self-guided driving tour of Bucks County’s remaining 12 covered bridges, including one that’s haunted. 

Check out this gorgeous video starring a local and his antique automobile that the DMO created. It shows some of the bridges up close and shares their history.

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