“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” 

— William Edwards Deming

The main objective of a sales data analyst is to help develop strategies that improve sales productivity for the organization. Several sales leaders in our DMO community were curious about how this role is evolving within the DMO sales team.  

That is where the 2Synergize “Quick Q” survey comes in — it’s a great way to take a pulse check on current trends and issues. In July, we surveyed and received responses from 45 destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  

This type of position is growing in importance, with 29% of DMO respondents stating they have a shared or dedicated data analyst. Another 11% of respondents are considering adding this type of position in the near future.

Quick Q Sales Data Analyst
The full findings of the Quick Q showing nearly 50% of destinations do not have a full-time data analyst

Most of those with the position identify it with the title “analyst.” Others are titled by manager or vice president, accompanied by business intelligence, research, or sales operations.  

These data analysts primarily report to the vice president of sales or the CEO. They are charged with maintaining database accuracy, reporting to understand customer trends, and analysis to support the achievement of production goals, including creating targets for prospecting and lead generation. As they understand, evaluate, and utilize data and insights from multiple sources, they play a valuable role in creating ROI for the sales organization and their hospitality community.   

We continue to enjoy seeing the growth of this position within the DMO sales community and having the opportunity to work closely with these talented individuals in our sales strategy consulting projects.

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