Innovators & Influencers —  a destination marketing organization (DMO) deserving of a spotlight and applause. This special edition of Innovators & Influencers features Tulsa Sports Commission and its song-filled success in winning the bid for the World Breaking Classic — an international breakdance competition.

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Tulsa Sports Commission utilizes SendSites to create high-quality, curated, web-based proposals for group sales professionals. The eye-catching, informative proposals made the destination stand out to win the World Breaking Classic in June 2022. The team worked with the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture (FMAC) to create a joint proposal highlighting Tulsa’s local hip-hop artists and underground breaking scene and even included a Spotify playlist. The unique proposal set the destination apart from others, ultimately winning the bid.

“This one really stood out to us because it embodied the music, arts, and culture scene here in Tulsa,” said Joel Koester, director of sports sales at Tulsa Sports Commission. “We thought the best thing we could do is provide a Spotify list and link within the SendSites proposal that they can click on … The feedback we received as they went through the proposal was that the music was amazing. And they said that really set the tone for us winning the overall bid.”