You’ll have “heart eyes” for these destinations after just one visit to their new Simpleview CMS website. Catch glimmering waves, rustic adventures, and nights on the town, all displayed uniquely through creative design — matching their destination marketing organization’s (DMO’s) identity to its online presence. Fall in love (just like we did) with these DMO internet sensations.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Fresh

The brews are flowing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the city’s fame for local beer isn’t the only thing they have to offer. Its homepage now proudly displays Milwaukee classics in the form of “Fresh Coast” beer cans, “City of Innovation” pours, and “Museum Metropolis” pints. The DMO boasts the freshest vibes, and visitors can plan their trip with tools like Simpleview Book › Direct for accessible accommodations and Map Publisher for creative navigation. Check out the CrowdRiff gallery to get inspired at

Visit Milwaukee - Brew City Classics | Simpleview CMS Website Display on a monitor


Omaha, Nebraska: Where the Traveler is First of Mind

What type of traveler are you? That’s the first question Visit Omaha asks when a visitor graces its website home page looking for an avenue of exploration. From families to the “surprise me” type of traveler, each is given an opportunity to explore what they might be interested in. A digitally accessible site thanks to AudioEye, Visit Omaha features top attractions, bookable lodging, and spotlights neighborhoods with a creative, custom map on the homepage. Visit Omaha also puts itself front and center online with Simpleview Digital Marketing and strategic SEO.


Visit Omaha Website Home Page shown on a laptop screen | Simpleview CMS Website

Elmhurst History Museum: An Attraction Worth a Feature

Elmhurst History Museum is known for its wide range of must-see exhibits that feature history unparalleled — like “The Bicycle: Two Wheels to Adventure” and “By All Accounts: The Story of Elmhurst.” Visitors can build their own experience before even stepping inside as they explore online events, exhibits, and a sky-view of the museum itself. Nothing speaks louder than the social curation of visitors via the museum’s CrowdRiff gallery, which shows off the museum’s gorgeous views and exhibitions of artifacts.


Elmhurst History Museum Website Home Page displayed on a mobile phone screen | Simpleview CMS Website

Jamaica: Come Back to the Vibe That Comes Alive

A world away from reality, Jamaica brings vibrance to the energy and laid-back charm of the island. Visit Jamaica keeps bookings top-of-mind with Book › Direct, serving its partners once they hit the homepage. A dynamic map reveals the six unique areas of Jamaica, so trip planners can choose their metropolitan, rural, luxury, quiet, and resort adventures. Transported into blogs and trip ideas through “The Island Guide,” Jamaica also shares stories, experiences, and island life nuances with each visit. Visuals are found across the site, but the featured CrowdRiff gallery gives you the feeling of being “on the beach,” “on the street,” and even “in the saddle.” What are you waiting for? Jamaica is waiting for you.


Visit Jamaica Map View of Home Page displayed on a desktop monitor screen | Simpleview CMS Website

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