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CrowdRiff + Simpleview

A happy visitor is the most powerful marketing tool your brand can have. With CrowdRiff, source high-quality user-generated content (UGC) and put it to work on your Simpleview powered website, social channels and ad campaigns.

With the industry’s most intelligent image discovery and search, it is easy to find on-brand UGC that is proven to resonate with travel audiences. Plus all your visuals are in one place so your team can search, add to, and drop content into any webpage or marketing campaign. CrowdRiff is a modern visual marketing software platform built for how marketers work with visuals today.

  • Curation
  • Visual Library
  • Engagement
  • AI-powered search
  • Asset scoring
  • Location tags
Our User-Generated Content Partner


CrowdRiff is a visual content marketing software that fuels the marketing efforts of over 800 travel brands. Source and acquire the rights to user-generated content, manage your visual assets, and deploy visuals to promote your destination and brand.

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Key Benefits & Features

CrowdRiff is a visual content marketing platform that empowers destination marketers to source, share, and scale original content that connects with today’s travelers. With tools for user-generated content discovery, digital asset management, and custom-made short-form video, our platform is built for the best storytelling in travel and tourism. That’s why 900+ travel and tourism brands all over the world trust CrowdRiff as their visual content marketing partner.

  • Curate on-brand user-generated content (UGC) that resonates
    Amplify your marketing efforts by curating on-brand content from both locals and visitors with CrowdRiff's intelligent image discovery. With a simple keyword search, you can effortlessly explore images and video from a wide range of social media channels and handpick the perfect ones that align with your brand identity and showcase unique aspects of your destination. 
  • Grow your visual library with easy rights management tools
    Empower your team to find current, authentic, and relevant photos and videos for use on your website and social channels. Master rights management and make approvals easy via secure in-channel hashtag rights requests available at all tiers Boost your asset library without the additional costs and hassles of photographers and photo shoots.
  •  Strategically optimize engagement and drive conversions
    Get performance analytics for your visuals and gain meaningful website metrics improvement in time on site, time per page, and pages per session. Increase partner referrals with strategic calls-to-action that guide trip planners through a seamless marketing funnel. Customize each user's experience with CrowdRiff’s tight Simpleview CMS integration and extend your cross-marketing efforts beyond your website, maximizing impact and reach. 


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Tell your destination’s authentic visual story.

Upgrade your destination’s storytelling and elevate user journeys with Simpleview and CrowdRiff.

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