Nicknamed “The Sunflower State,” Kansas is a true page out of the classic American book — with sweeping prairies and cowboy culture abound, Kansas has a place for you. So when it came time for the team at Kansas Tourism to redesign their website, they knew it was crucial to choose a partner that would deliver on their vision to capture the culture of the beloved state. Enter Simpleview. 

The destination marketing organization (DMO) wanted to increase visitor spending statewide by developing several markets and designing an attractive website that shows off Kansas’ beauty and endless attractions. The team aimed to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions, all while inspiring visitors to visit their location.

Since its launch on April 29, 2021, listings and events have experienced a 43% increase in views, which led to a 39% increase in referrals to partner websites; they experienced a 43% increase in Travel Guide Requests and a 231% increase in newsletter signups.

Kansas Tourism now leverages beautiful photography, UGC, map explorer, and videos to encourage visitors to engage with the website. The result has been a 13% increase in visitors’ average sessions duration, a 10% increase in the average number of pages they visit per session, and a 29% decrease in bounce rate.

Kansas Tourism also experienced the following results since launching their redesigned website:

Organic Traffic Highlights
  • Organic Sessions up 38%
  • Pageviews up 47%
  • Average pages/session up 3%
  • Bounce rate improved 12%
  • New users up 36%
  • Partner referrals (combined listings, events, and offers) up 32%
  • Unique travel guide requests up 10%
  • Unique e-newsletter signups up 259%


Kansas Tourism Case Study

Learn more about the Sunflower State's redesign.

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