Simple. Streamlined. Swift. 

One of the biggest benefits of using a Simpleview partner product is the integration points between products. Not only do these integrations streamline workflows but they are major time savers as well. That is certainly the case when it comes to the SendSites and Simpleview CRM integration. 

Built specifically for the hospitality industry, SendSites is a proposal generator that empowers sales and marketing professionals to quickly and easily create high-quality, curated, web-based proposals, bid books, and other communications. 

SendSites has been a partner product of Simpleview since 2020, enabling sales teams to quickly and efficiently create web-based proposals. SendSites integrates with the CRM by pulling data from CRM leads directly into SendSites proposal pages; data pulls from hotel response room blocks as well as the lead fields. 

Here is everything you need to know about the SendSites + Simpleview CRM integration.


SendSites Room Block Integration

The SendSites + CRM room block integration allows you to import bid responses associated with a Simpleview CRM lead into your SendSites proposal. An “Import Room Block from Simpleview” option is built into SendSites — once selected, you will be prompted to enter the Lead ID and have the option of importing the following options: 

  • Room block summary
  • Room block by date
  • Room block detail 

Once imported, your proposal styling will automatically be applied and you can edit the table as needed. Simple, streamlined, and swift!

SendSites Room Integration


SendSites Lead Integration

The SendSites + CRM lead integration provides the ability to import data associated with a Simpleview CRM lead into your SendSites proposal. An “Insert Simpleview Account Tag” option is built into SendSites — once selected, the five lead field options will appear:

  • Contact name
  • Account name
  • Meeting name
  • Meeting start date
  • Meeting end date

Once you select an option, it will be entered into the text field and you can continue to add more fields as needed. The field information will not be visible on the editing page but will be displayed on the preview and final proposal. A room block will also need to be added to the proposal as the indicator for the Lead ID data to be pulled in.

SendSites Lead Integration

Not only do these integration points save time, but they ensure accuracy. Get ready to streamline workflows, save time, and win bids with SendSites + Simpleview CRM.