Built specifically for the hospitality industry, SendSites, our proposal generator partner, empowers sales and marketing professionals to quickly and easily create high-quality, curated, web-based proposals, bid books and other communications. By streamlining the proposal development process, you can focus more time on selling and less time on building proposals. Our engaging, interactive proposals solution will help your team win more business.


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SendSites Data & Insights Dashboard

Data & Insights

SendSites’ web-based proposals have huge benefits over static PDFs, word documents or printed books, as the data and insights available enable your sales team to understand what parts of the proposal that planners are engaging with and what content isn’t resonating with them. This will help you learn over time, what content leads to a close so you can win more business. With real-time analytics, SendSites can send you an email notification whenever someone opens your proposal or interacts with the content. 

Have you ever seen a PDF do that?