Last week on The Layover Live, we focused on the importance of sharing informational and engaging content through social media marketing. This week, our focus was email marketing, as email should also play an important role in your content strategy.
Over the course of COVID-19, we’ve shared the types of content DMOs should consider creating and sharing — informational, utilitarian and entertaining. In this week’s episode, Jason interviewed our Senior Email Marketing Specialist, Veronica Williams, about the three different types of email content and when you should use each. Veronica also shared several examples of DMOs who are doing an excellent job with email marketing.
The duo also discussed the importance of deliverability (and how to improve your email deliverability), and talked about how DMOs can use emails to promote destination recovery and the reopening of businesses.

“The opening of your destination should be viewed as a really unique opportunity to connect with your subscribers or even reconnect with them. With email having an ROI of 42%, according to the Data & Marketing Association, it is a great way to deliver your message as well.”  - Veronica Williams



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