Technology gets outdated, and when it does, tasks often take longer to complete and have a frustrating number of steps that are necessary only because of the outdated technology. 

Destination Queenstown found itself in just that position with its 13-year-old proprietary database system, which required multiple management of member details across three platforms that didn’t interface. Talk about extra work!

When shopping around for a replacement CRM and CMS, industry leader Simpleview became the clear preferred solution. Integrating the CMS and CRM resulted in internal efficiencies such as removing double-handling of RFPs and removing listing approval lag time. They gained the ability to track listing views and click-throughs in the CRM, making reporting to members more efficient and a lot easier.

Sherri Gibb, digital marketing manager at Destination Queenstown, said the DMO has no regrets. 

“The Simpleview CRM and its listing functionality has enabled us to pivot and be reactive at a time where it’s been more important than ever to drive visitation to Queenstown,” she said. “The simple listing management process and functionality to load special offers to the website is a feature we didn’t previously offer with our past listing management system, and it has helped increase member conversions tenfold.” 

Despite months of lockdown and the closing of international borders due to the global pandemic, Destination Queenstown saw some impressive results.

Destination Queenstown Case Study

Learn more about the seamless integration of Simpleview CRM and CMS in Destination Queenstown.

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