Writing compelling articles for a blog on your destination marketing organization’s (DMO) website can sometimes feel like an uphill battle — especially when you're staring at a blank screen with no idea where to begin. 

As always, we’re here to help.

Our downloadable guide, "Beat the Writer’s-Block Blues: 52 Weekly Writing Prompts," is here to save the day. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting out, this guide is packed with creative prompts tailored to a variety of interests and audiences. Dive into these categories and find the perfect spark to ignite your next blog post.

There’s Power in Prompts 

The pressure to produce original, engaging content on a regular basis can be daunting — especially if your team is lacking bandwidth. This is where writing prompts come in handy. They serve as a starting point — a seed from which your ideas can grow. Prompts can help you explore new perspectives, experiment with different writing styles, and ultimately overcome the dreaded writer's block.

Consistency is Key

Our guide offers a year’s worth of prompts to help get your blog rockin’ and rollin’. This structure helps maintain a consistent writing habit, which is crucial for blog success. Consistency keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more. 

Here are some of the categories included in our guide:

  • Personal reflections: Dive into prompts that encourage you to share personal stories, reflections, and experiences. These posts often resonate with a variety of target audiences.
  • Opinion pieces: Take a stance on a hot travel topic. Opinion pieces not only showcase your knowledge but also invite reader engagement through comments and discussions.
  • Lists and roundups: Create engaging lists such as "10 ways small DMOs can leverage technology to unlock more time" or "Social media round-up: fall in love with the season through the lens of other destinations." These posts are easily digestible and shareable.
  • Interviews: Conduct interviews with experts, influencers, or interesting personalities in your destination. This adds variety to your content, shows off your partners, and provides an authentic viewpoint of what makes your attractions unique.
How to Use the Guide

Start by downloading our guide and browsing through the prompts. Don’t feel pressured to follow the order strictly; pick the prompts that resonate with your DMO and its target audience the most. Let your creativity take the lead and think outside the box. Remember, the goal is to keep writing, explore new ideas, and regularly update your blog with fresh content that can boost your SEO rankings, increase your online visibility, and reach potential travelers.

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