Eileen Connell 2021
Eileen Connell

Eileen Connell is a Content Specialist for Simpleview. In her writing and editing role, she creates and shapes compelling content about destination marketing organizations (DMOs), the tourism industry, and Simpleview's products and services. 

6 ways your travel will be better with augmented reality

Read time 8 min — Augmented reality. Virtual reality. The metaverse. Trying to keep track of all the ways that destinations have to think about traveler experiences in the future is … well, it’s a little bit much, isn’t it? For a large portion of the traveling population, the only type of…

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Winning over influencers at their very own summer camp

Read time 7 min — Working with influencers is becoming a way of life for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) because the savvy creatives reach an audience that DMOs can’t quite penetrate. They also have built-in credibility with their audiences by curating content in their authentic brand…

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