The future of data can be found in Simpleview’s recently launched business intelligence suite and data warehouse. Simpleview Data Engine, announced in April at Simpleview Summit 2023, is designed to provide destination marketing organizations (DMOs) with highly reliable, user-friendly, and easy-to-understand data. The SaaS-based platform offers a centralized reporting and data model system that enables DMOs to access exclusive reports created by industry experts and to integrate their own distinct data. 

Simpleview Data Engine has been extensively beta tested with several client DMOs, including Visit Raleigh. 

“Simpleview Data Engine is the one-stop shop report that I’ve been looking for, and it will not take away resources but will improve the process of how we use our data internally,” said Vimal Vyas, vice president of data, security, and digital innovation at Visit Raleigh. “It's going to save staff so much time when they can just click a button.” 

Here are five features of Simpleview Data Engine that will empower your team to make better data-driven decisions and help you gain a 360-degree view of your destination. 

  1. Data interrogation for valuable insights, with the option of support from our data scientists.
  2. A single source of truth for data — Simpleview Data Engine collects, cleans, and standardizes data from various sources. 
  3. Permission control — you decide who sees what data & securely share it, both within and outside your DMO
  4. Easy report and visualization creation — visualize and tell your story more meaningfully with point-and-click ease
  5. Data collection, connection, and exploration — make data-driven decisions after seeing both the big picture and granular details of your destination with the click of a button

Data, Data & More Data

Collect data from all data pipelines, including common APIs, database technologies, Flatfile, industry reports, and preconfigured data. 

Connect data in the warehouse to serve as the storage location and your single source of truth. This includes direct access to Simpleview CRM, cloud-based, scalable, and secure storage, Google Analytics, events, traveler data, and spending. 

Explore data via business intelligence tools that aggregate information and correlate it with industry trends and reports. With an extensive library of pre-built reports and a document builder for creating print-friendly reports, you can easily customize ad hoc reporting and gain valuable insights into your data. 

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