Personalization has fueled successful marketing for years. We see it everywhere — even if we don’t realize it. Just open Netflix or scroll through your favorite social media app. You’re instantly greeted with content customized to your demographic information, behavioral attributes, and viewer history.

But it’s more than just digital goliaths tethering you to your screen with captivating posts. It’s become an essential part of destination marketing organizations’ (DMOs) engagement strategies. 

Research from McKinsey found that “71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions.” What’s more, “76% get frustrated when content isn’t personalized.”

And yet, 63% of digital marketing leaders struggle with personalization (Adobe).

A DMO’s website is one of the most important assets a destination can deploy. It’s the digital front door for potential visitors to discover what a destination’s all about — and envision themselves there. So it’s a critical place to build in personalization tactics that captivate and convert potential visitors.

The Simpleview CMS solution is simple. It’s dynamic content. 

Dynamic content leverages your existing content to create exceptional experiences for website users. Destinations around the world are already using this feature — some to drive stunning results.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content lets you take control of your audiences’ web experiences and bring them to conversion points that make a difference for your destination. It taps into visitor information to cater custom content based on user's interests and location to help you:

  • Create a better connection with your audience

  • Drive better conversion to meet your goals

  • Enhance your DMO’s reputation

  • Improve partner satisfaction by sending them more qualified leads

  • Provide a smoother and more consistent journey for both business and leisure travelers

How To Use Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is a module you can unlock in your Simpleview CMS. It works by connecting visitors’ interests and website behavior with personas to create a content experience just for them.

To launch your personalization strategy, you need to build your persona directory inside the module by picking the attributes, interests, or audiences you want to customize for. A few common examples of personas include family travelers, meeting planners, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, etc.

Once you establish your personas and add dynamic placements throughout your site, the module will curate content that best matches their persona based on navigation items they’ve previously viewed.

Use Cases For Dynamic Content

How you use dynamic content will depend on your goals and audiences. Do you want more meeting planners to host their events in town? Drive more qualified referrals to your partners? Here are a few examples to inspire your personalization journey:

  • Sports is a booming market. Excite enthusiasts by creating a persona that draws in sporting events from your calendar, content to convince them to extend their stays (and spread their dollars) after their event, highlights of your destination’s sports assets, and a prompt to sign up for your sports newsletter.

  • Make it easier for meeting planners to book their business in your destination by connecting them with venue details and a request for proposal (RFP) submission opportunity.

  • A 2023 survey found that 81% of parents plan to travel with their children within the next year. Encourage family fun by crafting content that connects parents with children’s museums, family-friendly adventures, kids’ favorite restaurants, and more.

  • Foodies are a valuable market. In fact, culinary tourism reached $805.9 billion globally in 2022. Serve up your freshest food-based content to drive more business to your restaurant partners.

  • Create international personas based on your website users’ locations. Then develop content about traveling to your destination from international starting points, helpful tips about getting around, key things international guests need to see, and more.

If you already have the dynamic content module but want help maximizing its impact, contact your customer success manager.

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