What Our Partnership Offers

Satisfi Labs + Simpleview

The Satisfi Labs integration with Simpleview CRM allows DMOs to seamlessly answer website visitors’ questions about listings, events, health and safety measures, transportation and parking, and more. The DMO-specific AI chat solution provides accurate, real-time information through a web or mobile chat experience. DMOs can add Live chat to their sites to enrich visitors’ experiences. AI chat will automatically identify the visitor’s intent to engage with a live agent and seamlessly forward the question using intent-based routing. The Simpleview and Satisfi Labs partnership will expand how DMOs can communicate with their website visitors — helping them influence traffic and satisfy customer needs during or after business hours.

  • Captivate guests
  • Powerful reporting
  • Increase conversion
  • Support partners
About Our AI Chat Partner

Satisfi Labs

Satisfi Labs is a trusted conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) and live chat platform for the tourism, entertainment, and sports industries. Simpleview and Satisfi Labs have partnered to conversationalize DMO CRM feeds so visitors can access information automatically in a convenient chat experience and engage in real-time conversations. Build stronger relationships with local partners, and meet your customers where they want to communicate most with Satisfi Labs.

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Key Benefits:

  • Enhance the visitor experience by answering questions automatically, in real-time, 24/7 with our chat solution. Increase conversion on your Simpleview CMS website with live chat through seamlessly transitioned conversations between the AI Chat and live agents when needed using intent-based routing.

  • Don't let repetitive questions bog down your staff. Let our AI handle those routine questions, freeing your people to tackle more creative tasks. We’ve trained the system based on millions of questions seen, so no bot building is needed, just the answers.

  • Learn about visitor expectations and behaviors from the questions asked using Satisfi Labs’ analytics dashboard to make data-driven decisions. Satisfi Labs’ AI chat is also trained by the community - constant learning and sharing knowledge from the DMO community.

  • Promote local businesses by surfacing detailed information about listings and events with description, images, location, dates, and links. Drive visitors to your website through additional entry points with QR code access and direct linking from marketing emails and social.


Satisfi Labs Simpleguide

Discover how Satisfi Labs can help provide a conversational interface that will allow your guests to get instant information about listings, events, health and safety measures, and transportation.

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Visit Austin Case Study

Read about how Visit Austin harnessed the power of Satisfi Labs AI Chat to help answer the 43 percent of queries they receive outside of business hours.

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