Did you miss the Summit 2022 session, “How DMOs Help Shape a Destination's Story Through Stakeholder Engagement?” Don’t worry — here’s a throwback.

Watch as Kristen Reynolds, president and CEO of Discover Long Island, discusses the steps that her destination marketing organization (DMO) took to ensure it shared the destination’s story and engaged its partners throughout the pandemic.

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  • Discover Long Island had stopped all marketing during the initial shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it needed an alternative way to help its local partners and businesses.


  • The DMO started a podcast called Long Island Tea, where they “spill the tea” on why it's great to live on Long Island.
  • The team also launched a YouTube show called Long Island TV and began making TikToks to highlight the community’s small businesses.

“So our stakeholders are really every single resident, not just businesses and elected officials," said Kristen Reynolds, president and CEO at Discover Long Island. “Every single resident on Long Island is my boss. And I need to make sure that not only do we reflect them, but we speak to them and represent them.”