Some things deserve the occasional not-so-humble brag. Like the mission to the moon, winning a Nobel Peace Prize, or holding the Guinness World Record for eating the most hot dogs — sometimes bragging is well earned. We think Simpleview CRM is also worth bragging about, and 600+ destination marketing organizations (DMOs) across the globe would agree. 

So whether you're already a Simpleview CRM super-user, are on the fence, or have never heard of us before — let us reintroduce you to the industry standard.

As the ultimate tool for managing — well, your destination — Simpleview CRM helps you oversee sales operations, client relations, lead generation, workflow management, bid preparation, event servicing, and economic impact reporting, to name a few. You can also manage the sales and services lifecycle for meetings, sports, travel trade, group business, and conventions. 

Empower your organization with our best-in-class CRM, designed to transform how you:

  • Strengthen your relationships with members and partners
  • Show your value to key stakeholders
  • Manage the sales and services lifecycle for meetings, sports, travel trade, and group business
  • Capture leisure traveler information
  • Target your marketing efforts


Product Features to Drive Success

Our vision is to engage more people in promoting your destination, contributing to the community mission, and nurturing your destination’s unique vibe. Your staff and stakeholders deserve collaborative tools to share information and communicate efficiently, which is why Simpleview CRM:

  • Is all in one place
  • Provides important information regarding current community events
  • Allows partners to update their amenities, which in turn instantly updates their information in the CRM
  • Collects responses for Leads without manually having to enter them 
  • Provides registration forms for co-op opportunities or events
  • Publishes community updates and reports that only partners can access
  • Lets you easily add key integrations and features — including MINT+, BCC Traces, SendSites, FAM itineraries, Map Publisher, and the Economic Impact Calculator 

Let's Talk CRM

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