Innovators & Influencers —  a destination marketing organization (DMO) deserving of a spotlight and applause. This special edition of Innovators & Influencers features Visit Salt Lake and its inaugural SALT Awards that happened on June 16, 2022.  

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These are the words that the team at Visit Salt Lake and its hospitality partners live and work by. Just like most organizations in the travel and tourism industry, the DMO and its local hotels, restaurants, and attractions have been hit with complications during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tenacity of these hardworking hospitality partners during trying times inspired the DMO to do something special for the behind-the-scenes industry heroes. 

“We thought it was time to showcase some of the stars of our hospitality industry that are so important and vital to keeping our visitor economy chugging along,” said Judy Cullen, vice president of community & partner development at Visit Salt Lake. 

Visit Salt Lake hosted the first-ever SALT Awards, where local employees in hospitality received surprise recognition for their above and beyond efforts. 

“We really wanted to do something that wowed and honored people, and we accomplished that. It was a really gratifying experience for all of us,” said Cullen. “If you are in a DMO that has considered doing an award ceremony like this, I would say, ‘Do it!’ Just be sure to allow yourself plenty of time and make it something very special and unique."


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