Glacial Lakes. Great Places. Great Times. Watertown, South Dakota, is where art meets adventure and great tastes are always on the menu. Gaining popularity in the last 20 years, Visit Watertown found itself yearning for a way to visually shine as bright as its reputation. 

Visit Watertown’s visual identity journey with Simpleview led the DMO to a stunning new look and feel while fostering a stronger relationship with the city of Watertown. 

The goals of the visual identity project included:

  • Visual appealing marketing efforts and a new, fresh logo
  • The ability to be authentic and share a candid story through design
  • A visual identity and brand that would set the DMO apart 

Hosting Simpleview’s design experts for a destination immersion trip allowed the DMO to show off every unique, charming, and unmistakably Watertown feature it boasts. These characteristics were taken into account when creating the look and feel of the new visual identity — right down to the details of the new logo. 

The following numbers show the results from the first four months of the website’s launch (June 1, 2022, to September 30, 2022) compared to the same timeframe from 2021: 

  • 67% increase in visitor guide requests and downloads
  • 107% increase in request information form completions
  • 306% increase in clicks to Google Maps 
  • 119% increase in email sign-ups
  • 106% increase in clicks to email
Anjelica Uthe - Visit Watertown SD - Headshot 2023

“I would definitely recommend Simpleview ... with Simpleview specializing with DMOs, they are the way to go because they know what you are after, and it's not their first rodeo. It sets Simpleview apart.”

Anjelica Uthe, Executive Director, Visit Watertown

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