Whether it’s finding the right event venue or making sure the family vacation includes fun activities for everyone, the most successful destination management organization (DMO) websites make sure those activities are readily available and targeted to each user’s needs. This is achieved by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  

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A refresher: What Is CRO, again? 

CRO is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action through real-time testing, experimentation, and organization. It’s helpful for website visitors and the local community, too; travel and tourism is an economic engine that helps enhance the quality of life for local communities. It helps create jobs, provides funding for infrastructure, and promotes business growth. When CRO shines, so does your destination. 

CRO Strategy: An Overview of Proven Techniques

In developing a CRO strategy, here are six key components to consider:

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The key takeaway is that because visitor behavior on your website is constantly changing, the best way to keep your content relevant and convert website visitors into destination visitors is to change with it. Create a testing and optimization framework by establishing your website goals and analyzing user behavior on your website toward those goals to identify opportunities. Then start testing changes, learn from your losses, and share and celebrate your successes. 

Improvements in CRO translate into a more useful website for visitors and a positive economic impact for the destination. While focusing on CRO is something you can do on your own, Simpleview offers this service and has impressive results to back up our efforts.

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