As a DMO, your website is primarily designed to provide information on your destination to both residents and visitors. However, another important function of your website is to drive conversions, whether that be to newsletter signups, visitor guide downloads, hotel referrals, or something else. But so often, we find that people aren’t sure where to start when trying to increase those conversion rates. 

And while of course there are a plethora of best practices, that answer may be different for each site, because sometimes conversions are hiding in the least expected places on your website. 

At Simpleview, we start by analyzing your data on visitor behavior. This reveals how visitors flow through your site, which pages are helping in conversions, and which are causing visitors to exit without converting. When you compile all of this data together, you may find opportunities to add additional calls to action to increase conversions on higher funnel pages to help nudge visitors toward your goal. 

In 2020, the Simpleview CRO team completed an analysis on to determine which pages on their site were the highest converting and which pages had the highest drop-off rates without converting. As an additional part of the analysis, Simpleview evaluated highly trafficked pages with heat and scroll maps and heuristic analysis. This analysis helped lay a foundation to determine what elements could be easily changed or tested to help increase conversion, otherwise known as the “low-hanging fruit.” 

One of the most impactful items tested and implemented was placing the booking widget on more pages across the site, even those not directly tied to booking. We hypothesized that nudging a visitor toward a desired action, even as they are planning their travel in a different section of the site, would help increase conversions. And it paid off.

Overall, Simpleview tested and implemented the following variants across the site:
  • Change the listing referral button call-to-action to “View Rates” to be less committal
  • Update the call-to-action of the “homepage” booking widget to be less committal
  • Add the booking widget to highest volume pages of site
  • Added booking widget and direct links on Visitor Guide and Newsletter thank you pages
  • Added direct “Hotel Rate” links to navigation

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