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CRM comes standard with many features such as a services module, partner portal, and benefits summary, but there are also numerous add-ons and modules to help make you more efficient. Mix and match the best options below that fit your sales and marketing initiatives, goals, and KPIs. 

Simpleview CRM Modules

Data Aggregator

Data Aggregator helps pull data into a CRM Member/Partner group from multiple CRM data sources. This can include but is not limited to: map accounts, contacts, listings and media. On the regional and state level, Data Aggregator can truly eliminate hours upon hours of data entry for your staff.

Data Engine

Our business intelligence suite and data warehouse bring all your data into one highly reliable, accessible, and understandable platform for DMOs.


DTN Express brings online ad buying opportunities to the Extranet for members and partners to view and purchase via a quick and simple online form. Members and partners are aware of the opportunities available to them every time they visit the Extranet, and they can choose to participate when the time is right for them.


Extranet is a dedicated, password-protected site where your clients can update listings, add images, submit special offers and view sales opportunities, news and information provided by the DMO.


Eventsforce is an all-in-one event management platform that gives you the flexibility you need to run virtual, in-person and hybrid events.


Marketplace automates more than 20 processes commonly managed by membership/partnership departments in their Simpleview CRM and Extranet. Once available within the Marketing User Group, the tool enables you to streamline the collection of data and simplify online payments. Not only can you create promotions based on need in real time, but you can also configure who will be able to see them.

RFP Forms

RFP Forms provides a step-by-step process for submitting an RFP and features a basic facility search, room flow and the ability to add attachments. This includes integration with the Group Sales User Group by default.

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