Historically, many destinations have viewed MINT+ as a destination marketing organization (DMO) database predominately for large destinations and citywide events. In reality, a wide cross-section of all-size DMOs contributes data to MINT+, resulting in a wide variety of meeting opportunities for search and query. More so, recent changes with the ongoing transformation of  MINT+ continue to ensure that MINT+ just keeps getting better, particularly for small to midsize destinations.  

Here’s what makes MINT+ valuable for smaller destinations: 

MINT+ has over 8,000 meetings with 150 or fewer rooms on peak:

Automated reporting is a 2021 enhancement that eases the burden of reporting and at the same time removes the minimum rooms on peak condition for reporting, so the universe of small meetings in MINT+ will steadily increase and provide a larger number of meeting profiles for smaller meetings. Without the benefit of the MINT+ database, your prospecting list might be missing some key potential events.  

MINT+ helps smaller DMOs be proactive about getting the word out:

MINT+ allows you not to wait for leads to be sourced to perhaps a lesser-known destination by event organizers who may not have you on their radar. You can search and query for right-size meetings and events that have met in your competitive set and other like-sized destinations. You can also turn smaller regional non-appointment-based tradeshows and events into appointment-based events by reaching out to planners who are registered or located in the geographic area to schedule an appointment pre/post-show or in your booth. 

MINT+ gives smaller DMOs the knowledge to respond more professionally to the leads they are receiving and the prospects they are pursuing:

Planners routinely state they are more responsive to salespeople who have taken the time to do their homework. In recovery, sales organizations and planning staff will all be doing more with less. It will be critical to be well informed when reaching out to potential and existing customers. You’ll need to know what happened to their meetings in 2020 and the forecast for those events and meetings in 2021 and 2022.

The MINT+ evolution, including automated reporting and standardized market segmentation, will continue to increase both the quantity and quality of data in MINT+ for meetings of all sizes. And as we close out the year, we will begin to revolutionize MINT+ with machine learning, allowing the system to become more intuitive and suggestive over time about the unique and specific types of meetings and events you are interested in booking. 

We understand every financial commitment for all destinations during COVID budget assessment is closely examined. We assure you that we’ll continue to make MINT+ a better and more comprehensive tool for both big and small destinations.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a virtual demonstration and specifically explore the benefits for small destinations in MINT+ together.

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash