If you’re a seasoned travel and tourism professional, you’re likely fluent in the language of the trade. Destination marketing organizations (DMOs), Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs), fam trips, bed taxes, RFPs … these terms are probably familiar members of your everyday vocabulary. But many people hired into the industry are as green as grass — and this verbiage is as foreign as “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” (No need to check, we spelled it right.) 

This knowledge gap inspired the Product Education team at Simpleview to develop Brainery in 2018. 

What is Brainery? 

As the first learning management system with instructional material that bridges the gap between software and travel industry knowledge, Brainery helps travel and tourism professionals earn certifications and obtain mastery levels in multiple disciplines — such as membership and partnership relations and leisure visitor services. 

Simpleview invested hundreds of hours into developing Brainery, making it a leading educational tool for DMO staff. Our friends and colleagues use Brainery for a plethora of reasons, but here are the top three: 

  • Show professional value 
  • Stay up-to-date on industry knowledge
  • Expand personal knowledge and professional satisfaction


Show Professional Value

Many of you who work for DMOs and use Simpleview CRM, Insights Hub, or Destination Dashboards, invest much of your day in managing data. You can easily breeze between user groups, distribute meeting sales leads to your partners, and update leisure travel events on your site like a boss. However, it is hard to quantify this proficiency. 

Brainery to the rescue — with certification, one can sum up their knowledge and prove their skills are up-to-date. This can put those professionals in line for future promotions (and raises!) at their current organizations.

If a future employer can easily see if somebody is qualified for a post and can shorten a learning curve with their software systems, it is a wise investment for everybody involved. In fact, many DMOs are starting to list qualifications with tourism industry software on their job listings. 


"The Brainery offers users easy-to-use materials and lessons on the Simpleview CRM product. I would recommend it for the novice all the way to the advanced power user — it's that great of a system!"

— Jacob Burke, Corning and Finger Lakes


Stay Up-To-Date

After college, it can be hard to keep expanding your knowledge that is applicable in the workplace. Certifications provide that opportunity.

While higher education can put you in debt for years, certifications prove to be fairly inexpensive, in comparison, for their return on investment. Many software companies, including Simpleview, offer students a way to keep their expertise current and up-to-date for a fraction of those original college courses (and no more all-nighters!) 


Get Certified, Get Satisfied 

There is true satisfaction from seeing the culmination of hard work rewarded with a certificate that makes you more valuable and marketable to current and future employers. It can also help you stand out as a hard-working and well-rounded person. With the freedom to learn what you want, at the pace you want, from anywhere — your journey to becoming a more satisfied professional begins with Brainery.