With the announcement of Christine “Shimo” Shimasaki’s upcoming retirement and the passing of the torch to her successor, Vail Ross … surely, you have a lot of questions. 

What will Shimo do next? What are some of Vail’s priorities as future managing director of 2Synergize? What will Shimo’s relationship with Simpleview look like in the future? Well in classic Professor Shimo fashion, we have answers.

Chief of Staff Cara Frank sat down with Shimo and Vail for an exclusive video interview that you don’t want to miss (especially if you are part of the Shimo fan club!) Hear what Shimo says she’s most excited about in this season of retirement, how Vail is approaching this transition with the 2Synergize team, and how Simpleview will be along for the ride.

Video by Jeremy Kasik, videographer.  


Behind the Scenes Snippet 

Shimo will shamelessly plug the Simpleview Data Engine both on and off camera. When asked to reflect on her career and more specifically, her time at Simpleview, Shimo took the opportunity to speak to a product that is near and dear to her heart. 

If you missed our announcement about Shimo’s retirement at the end of 2023, here is the full story.

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