In the famed children’s book by P.D. Eastman, Are You My Mother?, a baby bird is born while his mother is out of the nest and sets off on a frustrating exploration of trial and error, asking a variety of unfamiliar animals without success (kitten, hen, dog, cow) if they are his mother.

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Building Effective Queries to Find the Right Meeting for Your Destination Just Got A Whole Lot Easier 

The query builder in MINT+ simplifies the search by allowing users to select criteria about organizations, meeting locations and meeting preferences to quickly hone in on the right meetings to qualify prospects efficiently.  

And now, with new standardized market segmentation, you can even further delineate, accurately by market segment, the types of meetings and events you want to pursue.

After releasing new standardized market segmentation for both profit (NAICS) and non-profit (NTEE) organizations to MINT+ this summer, we’ve added two additional ways to choose marketing segmentation within the MINT+ query builder: simple and advanced. To see it in action, click here

The simple search method involves selecting from an inclusive list of key classifications among highly recognizable verticals such as education or religious/faith-based, by which many sales professionals are deployed. 

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The more advanced search option allows you to drill down and select specific codes from both the profit and nonprofit reference lists to get something very precise, such as elementary or secondary education, or religious printing and publishing. This advanced search option might be helpful when searching related to economic development or industry clusters.

Any way you build your query is now more dependable based on these industry classifications, and the likelihood that an organization may have been misclassified in MINT+ or have ended up in that dreaded previously found unsearchable category called “other” is significantly reduced.  

If you are looking for new ways to find business this year, dive into MINT+ query builder and select the appropriate parameters to inquire: ARE YOU MY MEETING?

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