I love hearing about trends. In the fast-moving world of digital marketing, they tell me about what’s happening, if I’m moving in the right direction, or if there are things outside my scope that I should consider.

Here are the four tactics capturing my attention lately that your destination marketing organization (DMO) needs to know. And if you haven’t yet, check out the latest episode of the Layover Live podcast. 

Influencer Marketing

We’ve all heard about — and seen — influencer marketing infiltrate a number of industries. And it’s no wonder why, considering half of millennials trust influencers’ recommendations. But we’re seeing it gain steam in our industry now.

As followers flock to buy tickets to events, explore experiences, and visit destinations their favorite influencers frequent — the gravity of this tactic can’t be overlooked. Especially when their content drives the exact actions DMOs want.

It’s time for DMOs to look into which influencers might be right, how to leverage and piggyback on their content, and even leverage tools like CrowdRiff to tap into their following.

Short Form Video

Vlogs are the latest tactic influencers use — but short-form video is an essential tool in any destination marketer's toolbox. We talked about creating and amplifying short-form videos in our last episode of the Layover Live podcast, but I want to highlight a brilliant example of a growing trend (within the trend) — repurposing that content on your website.

One of my favorite examples is Visit Las Vegas. They’ve used widgets that give their website a TikTok-type flow that creates a seamless and connected experience across their digital presence – and improves online conversion.

Data Privacy

The significance of data privacy in destination marketing cannot be overstated. While digital marketing once thrived on the unregulated collection and utilization of user data, those lawless days of the digital Wild West are well behind us. In today's marketing environment, the safeguarding of data privacy has become absolutely paramount.

We know data will continue to drive our strategies, but it’s vital to be thoughtful about the value we offer in exchange for that data, and the processes we put in place to protect it. One of the latest tactics we’ve seen deployed is loyalty programs. Just think about the last time you bought clothes or furniture online. 

Did you get an exclusive discount for being a member? Credits or money to use in the future? Deeper sales only available to members? Then you’ve seen the value e-commerce operations offer in exchange for your data.

Those same strategies are starting to translate into the travel and tourism space as destinations take the data exchange beyond just newsletter sign-ups. They’re creating exclusive events, distinct messaging, and more to convert users into insiders and give them more bang for their data’s buck.


Every digital marketer has heard about the need for personalization since well before the pandemic, but it’s become even more than a trend. It’s become a need.

Personalization impacts everything across the digital marketing landscape, from addressing your emails to fueling your funnel. A few trendy tactics I’m a personal fan of are:

  • Sequential retargeting to push website visitors down the funnel from awareness to conversion

  • Mapping out the journey to take each user to the desired outcome

  • Leverage Act-On or other email marketing tools to create content built around each unique audience’s interests

As digital marketing continues to evolve, it’s critical to track the trends both within and outside our industry to keep your destination ahead of the curve.

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