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Act-On + Simpleview

Simpleview Marketing Automation, powered by Act-On, offers the ideal channel for DMOs to take advantage of Act-On marketing automation services at a price point that is unmatched in the industry. Partnering with Act-On gives Simpleview’s DMO clients access to best-of-breed lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) tools designed to help DMO teams boost awareness of their destination, generate more qualified leads, increase local business engagement, and drive greater leisure travel demand.

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Act-On Software is a marketing automation provider responsible for delivering innovation that enables marketers to create Adaptive Journeys™ using customer behaviors, preferences and data to intelligently guide engagement strategies.

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Act-On Simpleguide

Simpleview Marketing Automation Powered by Act-On

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Traverse City Case Study

Let numbers do the talkin’: how Traverse City Tourism increased email open rates by 583%

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Act-On + CRM integration: saving you time, time & time again

  • 7 minute read

It’s no secret that Simpleview provides tools that empower DMOs to promote and market their destinations. But did you know that when these tools talk to each other, it improves efficiency, streamlines workflows, and saves valuable time and resources? The Simpleview CRM + Act-On integration does…

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