The end of the year is the perfect time to look forward and project what a new year may hold. What will define our marketing? Our industry? Our lives? 

Of course, no one knows the answers. But we can use trends, data, and industry insights to see where the ripples lead.

We polled our digital marketing team (and a few guest stars) to produce their best predictions for 2024. And they delivered.

From artificial intelligence (AI) assistants to airline delays, travel trends to website views, and surging social media to Simpleview Summit — their predictions cover some of the most important factors that will shape the next year.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • You'll learn something groundbreaking at Simpleview Summit

  • Social media becomes a more important personalization and marketing engine than email

  • As workers move back to the office, they’ll reprioritize vacationing and drive record-breaking traffic to DMO websites

  • Millennials will break up with their phones and cause desktop views of DMO websites to rise for the first time in years

  • Google will release guidelines and search penalties against generative AI content

  • Overseas arrivals will surpass 2019 levels

  • A peer-reviewed academic journal will publish a paper written entirely by AI

  • One social media platform will announce a certified native content designation

We’ve pulled all of the predictions together into a game of DMO Bingo. Stay tuned — we’ll revisit it throughout the year to monitor progress.


A bingo card filled with 25 predictions for destination marketers in 2024

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