When the Simpleview crew descends on Milwaukee in 10 days (but who’s counting) for Simpleview Summit, it'll be for a number of reasons. The peer-to-peer exchange of ideas. A reunion with old friends, and an introduction to new ones. Deep dives that help you maximize your platforms and discover new solutions to old problems.

Simpleview Summit is the premier place for tourism pros to enhance their skills, networks, and technology — and that’s especially true for destinations’ digital marketers.

This year, I'm particularly excited to introduce a sensational slate of sessions and pre-conference workshops that will ignite inspiration and level up your marketing game.

We spill the details in this week’s episode of the Layover Live podcast. Here are a few of the highlights that will help marketers maximize their Simpleview Summit experience.

Automation Before the Celebration

Get into the Simpleview Summit spirit before the sessions even begin with a hands-on, pre-conference workshop that helps you build a custom automation plan.


Marketing Automation Done Right: Tips for DMO-Specific Programs

Are you in need of marketing automation best practices? Our experts will provide pro tips and explore DMO-specific programs that can help you reach peak marketing automation success. Come prepared for a hands-on activity where you will create each of the programs covered in the session and leave with feedback and advice to take back to your destination.


Can’t-Miss Marketing Sessions

From custom content to SEO, our team is sharing the latest tips, trends, and insights into the levers destination marketing organizations (DMOs) need to master. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:


           Navigating the Digital Landscape: Achieving Digital Maturity in Destination Marketing

Assessing your digital maturity can help your DMO be more competitive, agile, and customer-centric — leading to improved engagement and increased arrivals. We’ll share our specially crafted Digital Marketing Maturity Model tailored for leisure tourism and guide you through the various stages of digital evolution.


State of Search

We’ll dig deep into industry-specific keyword opportunities, content creation, SERP features, GA4, and so much more — all from a travel and tourism industry perspective.


Loop Before You Leap: How SEO & Content Creation Symbiosis Leads to Success

Discover the dynamic synergy between SEO and content creation — and why you can’t have one without the other. We’ll discuss the connection between those two pillars of digital success and learn about the strategies our collaborative teams use to capture search engine attention while keeping audiences captivated.


Data-Driven Destinations: Leveraging Analytics and Geolocation Data for Destination Insights

In this session, we’ll explore the exciting world of geolocation data and its applications in destination marketing, and delve into the power of web analytics in shaping effective destination marketing strategies. You’ll learn how to leverage analytics and location-based data to gain insights into visitor patterns, popular attractions, and travel trends.


Digital Marketing Family Feud

Marketing meets madness in this fast-paced round of Digital Marketing Family Feud! We’re diving into the deep end of digital marketing, where thinking outside the box is the name of the game and the most skilled digital marketing professionals reign supreme.


There are 12 digital marketing sessions you simply have to see. Find the full schedule here.

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