Visit Raleigh's commitment to data-driven decision-making is at the heart of the organization. When the destination marketing organization (DMO) wanted to augment its existing data capabilities and make use of newer and more robust technologies, it chose the Simpleview Data Engine, a comprehensive business intelligence suite and data warehouse that provides DMOs with a dependable, accessible, and understandable source of data. 

What Visit Raleigh enjoys about Simpleview Data Engine:

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard for creating reports
  • The ability to generate lead scoring assessments with charts
  • Actualizing the economic impact analysis and sharing the details in a visual and compelling format
  • Understanding the impact of every single year-over-year or month-over-month reporting for their convention center
  • The capability to deep dive into the data to identify the “why’s 

“Simpleview Data Engine has been a game-changer for Visit Raleigh, providing us with a comprehensive and reliable source of data that’s easy to access and understand,” said Vimal Vyas, vice president of data, security, and digital innovation at Visit Raleigh. “We can now quickly identify trends, measure performance, and adjust our strategies in real-time. It’s quite simply the future of DMOs.”


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SV Data Engine Visit Raleigh case study image

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