What elements on your website are the most effective at driving visitation? What behaviors signal travel intent? Just how effective are destination marketing organizations (DMOs) at bringing guests into a destination?

We’re about to find out. 

Simpleview is teaming up with Miles Partnership and Future Partners to conduct the largest official tourism website conversion study ever. The goal is simple: shed new light on the most effective features and tools a DMO can deploy to drive impactful visitation. To accomplish this, we’ll seek answers to three critical questions:

  1. What are the most meaningful and indicative conversions, events, or signals of intent to travel (SITs) on destination websites that indicate actual visitation to a destination?

  2. What website content, features, and functionality are most influential in driving these SITs and visitation to destinations?

  3. What traffic sources (paid, organic, shared, or earned) offer the most qualified traffic?

You can learn more about the program here.

The Process

This opportunity is exclusively available to Simpleview and Miles Partnership clients. We will work with participating DMOs to place and test an online survey solution on their websites. Once a user lands on a participating website, they’ll receive a survey with several questions to determine how far they are in their destination decision process, and when they’ll arrive.

Then we’ll integrate research data collected from the survey with Google Analytics (GA4) data collected over the three-month period.

This study will build on previous work to classify GA4 events for the industry. When the new Google Analytics platform (GA4) was introduced in 2023, Simpleview and Miles Partnership led an industry initiative to define and describe relevant conversions and events in GA4. 

This website conversion study adds to the system by identifying and scoring the most important conversions and events to empower DMOs to focus their website development and marketing efforts on the most influential features, functions, and content.

The Output

After the study is complete, each participating DMO will receive a website conversion report. The report will show deeper insights into the research methodology, benchmark data from the complete study, and personalized reporting on its site’s profile, interests, and most engaging content. Participating DMOs will also have the opportunity to extend their study to 12 months to uncover even more takeaways for an additional cost.


An example page of a full website engagement report that shows numbers in a pie chart and bar graphs
A sample page showing what your report could look like


All three partners will publish a high-level report for the public with a summary of select insights, but only participants will get the full scope of the results.

The study will run from July 1 to September 30, 2024, with reporting released in October 2024. Limited spots are available. You can participate for the cost of $5,900 USD.

Want the vital insights?

Simpleview CMS clients can join this groundbreaking study and unearth the essential takeaways for your DMO. Complete the interest form by June 14 to join the study.

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