COVID-19 has disrupted the travel industry in a big way, but DMOs are resilient and have quickly shifted their marketing through the different stages of the pandemic.

Our team at Simpleview has been following several travel indicators and data sources to help guide our clients’ marketing strategy. On this week’s episode of The Layover Live, we shared the most important things DMOs should consider to improve their digital marketing. 
We changed things up a bit on this week’s show and for the first time ever, our host Jason Swick was in the guest seat. Our very own Strategic Analyst, Grant Stoltz, sat down with Jason to discuss what data marketers should be looking at during the time of recovery, the top five strategies to improve digital marketing, and what DMOs can do to be effective during times of uncertainty.
Interested in seeing how your DMO stacks up against the industry? Drop us a line at and we’ll create a private dashboard comparing your own data to the DMO industry and even how you compare against your region. 

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