All destination marketing organizations (DMOs) know the importance of getting heads in beds for their hotel partners, but Discover Dunwoody wanted to do more than just list their lodging partners on The DMO turned to Book › Direct — Simpleview’s online booking and referral engine partner — to help showcase a relevant and curated list of lodging, rates, and availability that allows website visitors to book directly with brands they trust.

Discover Dunwoody quickly became a booking powerhouse and continues to produce booking clicks increasing by 300-500% year-over-year each month.  

Mark Galvin, Discover Dunwoody’s Vice President of Marketing, saw the need to fully utilize the Book › Direct platform and Simpleview CMS integration to pursue website visitors who were already looking to visit the destination.

Simpleview and Discover Dunwoody joined forces to create a stunning new website that helped feature the new booking opportunities the DMO was looking for. The new site,Book › Direct utilization, and digital marketing adjustments met the original goals and landed some noteworthy results.

Mark Galvin Headshot - Discover Dunwoody 2024

“We work with Simpleview on SEO and ensure the SEO team understands that we have a strong focus on bookings and Book › Direct performance as a goal. Even in our monthly report, there is now a Book › Direct page, so that we remain aligned and they understand that it is extremely important. We make sure all of our third party advertisers understand that Book › Direct metrics were very important to us as well and that we will be measuring their success based upon our Book › Direct success.”

Mark Galvin, Vice President of Marketing, Discover Dunwoody

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