In 2020, Elisa Mameli was fresh out of her studies for her Master’s Degree in Strategic Tourism Management and Marketing and working as a Brand Ambassador for Your Sardinia Experience. By December 2020, the global travel industry ground to a halt, and in her own words, “That is when I became fascinated by how tourism destinations could become resilient through the use of technology.”

This is where her story of “phygital tourism” — physical and digital elements to enhance the overall tourist experience — begins.

Today, Mameli lives in Portsmouth, England. She is a PhD candidate, completing her doctoral thesis on phygital tourism at the Centre of Digital Transformation in the Visitor Economy (DIGMY) School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey. 

Of course, there is a Simpleview connection here. At her advisor’s suggestion, Mameli approached Richard Veal, Managing Director of Simpleview Europe, to review her submission for her doctoral thesis. He saw a solid proposal with the opportunity for valuable industry insights into the intersection of physical, digital, and inclusive tourism. 

Little did we all know how important Mameli’s work — and that of many others in augmented reality (AR) and immersive experiences and virtual connectivity — would become as we navigate a post-pandemic world.

We may have thought the phygital, AR, and esports realms were eight or 10 years away in 2020, but they are already here. Destination marketing organizations need a roadmap on how to proceed. 

Mameli will be speaking at Simpleview EMEA Summit. Join us on a cinematic voyage in Bristol this September. 

With that in mind, let's talk to Elisa Mameli.

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