When the pandemic began, the majority of destination marketing organizations paused their advertising. Over the last few months, DMOs have been ramping up their paid media when the timing was right for their destinations. Deciding when to do so depends on many factors, such as the readiness of your community, budgets, etc. 
Regardless of your approach, destination marketers are being tasked with doing more with less, so targeting the right audience with the right message is more important than ever as leisure travel slowly returns.
In episode 142 of The Layover Live, Melissa Gogel, Vice President of Marketing, Tourism and Communications with Visit Phoenix joins Jason to talk about the approach Visit Phoenix has taken to start turning their paid media campaigns back on. Jason and Melissa talk about what data and research their DMO has used throughout this year to guide their strategy and how they’re measuring success from their campaigns.

“The biggest tip I can give is just to remember to be true to your destination. Although we’re all in a similar situation right now, each destination is a little different and I think we have to take that responsibility of knowing what the readiness is of our destination and how far we can stretch that advertising and just making sure that we’re on top of knowing what is going on. If we are advertising to the drive market are we sure that those cases are at a good place. We don’t want to be inviting people into the destination that may not be responsible...The most important thing is to understand where your destination is and do what is best for the destination.” -Melissa Gogel

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