Google updates or adjusts their algorithm hundreds of times every year, and while most of those updates are small, every once in a while there are bigger releases. One of Google’s latest announcements is around the Page Experience update that takes effect in May 2021. With about six months remaining before the update takes effect, our SEO team is already working to make sure DMOs are prepared. 

Tracy LeGault, Lead SEO Analyst, joins Jason on episode 146 of The Layover Live to share information on Google's search algorithm updates and what destination marketers need to know as these changes roll out in 2021. Tracy shares information on Google’s focus on “Core Web Vitals,” which includes Largest Contentful Paint (the time it takes between the page starts loading to when the largest image or text block is loaded in the user’s view), First Input Delay (how long it takes before a user can interact with the page) and Cumulative Layout Shift (how much content shifts as things load in).

“...if all things were equal between your DMO site and another site that’s competing with you for that search term...[and if] your content is both equally amazing, but one has the edge on Page Experience, that could pop them up to a position above your site or you above theirs. Fifty-five to seventy-five percent of [DMO] traffic is from mobile devices, so it does go to show how serious Google is taking this...It could add a barrier to performing as well as your content should.” -  Tracy LeGault

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