Artificial intelligence (AI) took the world — and marketers — by storm when Chat GPT first started answering our questions. I remember the debates. Is this a fad destined to fade? A revolutionary piece of tech that will remove the need for humans to still perform their jobs? A new way of working that will streamline our workflows (and maybe even our lives)?

Well, the momentum isn’t stopping.

Most recently, we saw Google make waves by integrating its latest AI tool, Gemini, into its entire suite of products. Its applications are broad — leveraging Google’s deep data to quickly answer questions, use voice input to enhance functionality, and simplify writing code.

But if you’ve listened to The Layover Live podcast, read our blog, or stayed in touch, you know what really sparks our interest — content.

This week on The Layover Live podcast, Director of Customer Success Sandee Jordan and I talked about the latest in AI, its impact on content marketing, and a few more trends to track.

Trends to keep an eye on ...

AI in Content

Gemini gives marketers yet another AI tool in their content arsenal — writing copy, ideating on content pieces to ready it for multiple social channels, and drumming up imagery for your next blog post. Its impact is vast. 

As are potential challenges like accuracy, copyright infringement, and more.

Perhaps most important, is maintaining the personality of your content while tapping into these tools. A human voice is still the best way to connect with your audience.

Generative AI, large language models, and more will continue to creep into our lives and change the way we work. Learning to harness their power can enhance your content game — if done correctly.

Prompt Engineering

Maybe you’re already a ChatGPT or Gemini power user. Or maybe you’ve just played around a little to test it out. Either way, you probably already know that the quality of the prompt you input directly translates to the quality of the response you get.

Both ChatGPT and Gemini have built guides to help you start crafting better prompts today.

Shifts in the Social Landscape

Remember when Threads flashed as a rival to X (formerly Twitter)? We talked about it during an episode back in August. Well, they currently have more than 100 million monthly users. And LinkedIn? They just hit one billion global users.

Paid and organic tactics both have a place in the social strategies of the future. But with more channels and shifting performance metrics, it’s essential to focus on your audience so you can efficiently allocate resources.

Trend tracking is crucial, but so is knowing your bandwidth. Don’t spread yourself too thin; applying what you learn from current trends to deploy your effort for maximum effect is even more critical.

A Programming Note

If you’re a long-time listener of The Layover Live, then you’ll notice that we’ve gone back to our roots with this week’s episode. We’re giving you our take, and the destination marketing organization (DMO) spin on the latest news and trends in digital marketing.

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