The to-do list, in some form or another, is the cornerstone of modern productivity. That's why Simpleview CMS features not one but two! If you're new to Simpleview CMS or want a quick refresher, here's how the Action Items dashlet and CMS Tasks feature help keep teams on track. 


Action Items Dashlet:
Your Auto-Optimizer

The Action Items dashlet auto-populates with tasks that help your listings, events, blog posts other content perform at their best, including:

  • Publishing pages or blogs posts hanging out in draft mode
  • Adding images, video or geo-tagging to listings and events
  • Reviewing and publishing listings and events submitted by partners through your Extranet 

CMS - Action Items Dashlet

The Action Items list can include items from Simpleview CMS as well as Simpleview CRM. Think of it as a kind of AI to-do list fairy godmother, gently reminding you to reach out to a partner to add some photos to their listing to make it more engaging or to get that last batch of blog posts live so they can start pulling their marketing and SEO weight. 

CMS Tasks: Individual & Team Workflow

CMS Tasks is your go-to for tracking your own tasks and delegating work across teams. If Action Items is the fairy godmother of to-dos, CMS Tasks is your digital to-do list amped by a few shots of espresso. Its key features include:

  • Auto-sorting tasks by priority and due date so the most important and high priority work always shows at the top of the list
  • The ability to add a "related URL" linking to exactly where work needs done (for example, Page Builder, Asset Library, Blogs)
  • Team productivity features, including the ability to assign tasks to others, subscribe to other people's tasks to stay in the loop on status or view a list of all users' tasks with the "See All" option

Simpleview CMS Tasks Dashlet

Simpleview CMS Task Manager

CMS Tasks are built into the CMS dashboard and header, so they're easy to find and always at hand. Any user can view, modify and reopen tasks, and creating new tasks is a breeze, mirroring the familiar UI of so many project management, calendar and reminder apps.

A Powerful Way To Boost Productivity

If you're not using CMS Tasks or ever clicking that "pending" number on the Action Items dashlet, you're missing out on a simple but powerful way to boost productivity and clear out some RAM in your brain. For more tips or other ways to make the most of Simpleview CMS, check out our past blog posts on CMS and our Simpleview CMS webinars within the client portal. 


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